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tion. The opening phase of this new type of
Revolution must involve therefore a campaign
for a re-invigorated and modernised education
throughout the world, an education that will
j have the same ratio to the education of a couple
of hundred years ago, as the electric lighting of a
contemporary city has to the chandeliers and oil
lamps of the same period. On its present mental
levels humanity can do no better than what it is
doing now.
Vitalising education is only possible when it is
under the influence of people who are themselves
learning. It is inseparable from the modern
idea of education that it should be knit up to
incessant research. We say research rather than
science. It is the better word because it is free
from any suggestion of that finality which means
dogmatism and death.
All education tends to become stylistic and
sterile unless it is kept in close touch with experi-
mental verification and practical work, and
consequently this new movement of revolutionary
initiative, must at the same time be sustaining
realistic political and social activities and working
steadily for the collectivisation of governments
and economic life. The intellectual movement
will be oniy the initiatory and correlating part
of the new revolutionary drive. These practical